Health for life

We grow and export healthy food raw materials for companies that have proved to put great care in food production in consideration of your body and mind.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Hyppocrates – “the father” of medicine

“A man is what he eats and to think better, we should eat better food”

Feuerbach, 1850, philosopher

“What nature creates, man digest, what man creates is rejected by the nature”

Dr Tilden, a physician and a scientist,follower of the Natural Hygiene movement

Land and environment for life

Enhancing land as a source of life and a primary good of humanity, natural fertility, naturalness and right to health are our main values.

Social environment for life

We pay great attention to the social environment inside and outside the farm. A internal social responsibility (monitored through certification under ISO 26000) for observing the human rights, the rights of workers, the protection against exploitation of minors, as well as the guarantees for the health and safety working conditions. A External social responsibility that leads to the improvement of the living conditions of the local population not only by creating new jobs, but also by the construction of facilities for recreation, culture and sport.